Dome Valve


The Dome Valve® is process inlet / outlet full bore opening valve with a hemispherical dome element that opens & closes. The dome valve is used in a wide variety of applications in various industries. The unique closing and sealing action of the Dome Valve® enables continuous reliable operation where conventional valves fail to perform. The Dome component and the seal are completely shielded from the flow of material and the crank shaft drive allowing unrestricted flow of material through the valve. The Dome valve is your answer to abrasive, tough process material that wears out all other valves of competitors.

Key features :
• Full bore opening
• Highly reliable heavy duty valve rated for 1 million cycles between inspection
• Suitable for abrasive materials
• Highly efficient sealing for pressure tight operations
• Works in both bulkhead (vertical) & In-line (horizontal) configurations

Dome Valve