The Macpump is an arrangement of two pressure vessels working in an automatic and phased sequence to provide a continuous transfer of material with a high material pipeline loading for long conveying distances. In addition the discharge valve opening size is continuously modulating in response to pipeline back-pressure to achieve the highest possible conveying efficiency. This design is subjective to the material & hence is application dependent. The Macpump has many proven advantages over the Screw Pump and is widely used as a modern alternative / retrofit to the Screw Pump. The Macpump is typically used in applications involving long distance & high capacities of conveying which is the heart of the process of the plant.

Key features :
• Low conveying velocity
• minimum material & pipe abrasion
• low power consumption
• low air consumption, high pipeline loading
• continuous material flow through pipe
• long distance conveying system
• Shorter cycles due to filling & conveying cycle overlaps.